PV Modules, Components and Manufacturing

With the unique combination of methods from materials science, component and module testing, and modeling, partners and customers receive comprehensive and well-founded support for the development of solar modules and their components from a single source.

Our motivation is to evaluate solar modules with respect to all reliability aspects and to further develop technological processes and materials. 

We offer:

  • process, material and data analytics
  • electrical interconnection technologies
  • Characterization and targeted accelerated aging of PV modules, components and materials
  • mission profile-oriented optimization of materials and PV module concepts
  • damage analysis diagnostics from macro- to microstructure with precise defect localization


PV Module and Component Characterization

Characterization of physical material properties is an important prerequisite in reliability assessment, aging investigation and quality assurance of PV module components. Fraunhofer CSP offers power measurement, electroluminescence and other methods for the condition analysis of solar modules.


Finite Element Analysis of Modules and Components

The results of finite element simulation are used, among other things, to evaluate the reliability and fatigue strength of modules and their components. We conduct simulations of thermo-mechanical stresses, temperatures, current paths and magnetic fields.


Microstructure Diagnostics

In the field of microstructure diagnostics we look at the design and structure of electrical contacts as well as their interconnection and long-term stability.



The work of this team focuses on connection and interconnection processes for prototype construction and module production as well as customer-oriented process diagnostics.