PV Systems and PV Integration

Reliability, service life and the best possible performance despite declining costs: these are the most important parameters for any manufacturer of modules. These are exactly the challenges the group »Reliability of Solar Modules and Systems« faces as they focus on the characterization of modules, components and materials.

Through a combination of methods applied in material science, testing and model building, our partners and customers get a comprehensive and well-founded characterization of modules from one source. The focus is set on material-scientific analysis, mechanical testing and characterization experiments with the module, performance measurements in the laboratory and in the field as well as mechanical and thermomechanical finite element simulations. The objective we pursue is to examine solar modules with regard to various reliability aspects, optimize them and further develop derivable technological processes and materials.

Our projects are concerned with the integration of new crystalline cell concepts, the mechanical reliability of thin-film modules of all methods, the establishment of pilot plants for the regional development of PV and the adjustment of modules to the requirements of extreme climates.

We offer:

  • Performance and yield measurement of solar modules
  • PV system diagnostics with AI


Outdoor Efficiency Measurements and Test Fields

In order to be able to measure PV modules under real climate conditions for our customers, we at the Fraunhofer CSP use different analysis systems that allow the characterization of up to 36 individual modules in different installation conditions.

Energy Yield & Performance Measurement

Outdoor PV Lab
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David Daßler and Jens Fröbel are maintaining the solar cell modules tested in the Outdoor PV Lab.
  • High voltage test equipment with up to 1 kV applied voltage
  • High voltage measuring equipment
  • Micro ohmmeter for measurement of small electrical resistance
  • Performance test in laboratory by class AAA module flasher up to 2,6 x 2,6 m²
  • Outdoor performance test with continuous IV curve recording, temperature and irradiance on modules
  • Environmental measuring for direct, diffused and global irradiance, air pressure and humidity, wind speed and direction