PV Systems and PV Integration

Our extensive expertise in system modeling, design evaluation, and data analysis of PV systems as well as PV-centric power systems enables us to provide solutions to increase the integrability, efficiency, and reliability of PV-centric systems.

Our research aims to provide sound insights and innovative methodologies to answer questions related to solar energy:

  • Is my PV system working as it should? And if not, what is the reason?
  • How can planning and operational processes be automated?
  • How can critical defects or structural/technical deviations in systems be easily detected?
  • How can PV modules be suitably integrated into special overall concepts or areas of application?
  • What are the energy advantages of PV storage or PV electrolysis systems?
  • What can climate-neutral cities of tomorrow look like?

We offer:

  • Performance and yield evaluation of solar modules and systems
  • PV system diagnostics with AI
  • Operational data analysis and optimization of PV system operation management
  • Integration of PV into system concepts
  • Simulation of decentralized energy systems


PV System Concepts

The integration of PV systems in specific applications, such as house facades, vehicles, but also agricultural and water surfaces, requires adapted module technology concepts. Fraunhofer CSP is working on harmonizing design, yield and reliability.


PV System Diagnostics

The data produced by a PV system holds great potential for improved plant monitoring, cost and risk minimization, and damage assessments. At Fraunhofer CSP, we are developing AI-based methods to harness this data efficiently.