Finite Element Simulation of Modules and Components

FES-image of the wind-speed distribution
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FES-image of the wind-speed distribution around a solar module frontally exposed to wind. The arrows indicate the direction of the air currents.

We use the finite element method (FEM) to investigate thermo-mechanical loads on PV modules during production and operation. The resulting understanding of the loads reveals weaknesses and potential for improvement in the structures under investigation.

We have further simulation competences in the field of temperature simulation, flow simulation and electric fields as well as magnetic field analysis.


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Transient temperature simulation of a concrete-integrated PV element.
Fluid Dynamics Simulation
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Load profile of solar cells for different incident flow parameters.
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Magnetic field simulation and measurement of a mini module with defective cross-connector contact
  • Mechanics
    • Comparison of mounting concepts
    • Module design optimization with regard to mechanical loads
    • Frame design and optimization


  • Thermo mechanics
    • Fatigue analysis of solar cell connectors
    • Stress analysis of soldered and bonded joints
    • Internal stresses after lamination


  • Temperature simulation
    • Comparison of thermal behavior of different module assemblies
    • Analysis of temperatures in different installation situations - static and transient


  • Flow simulation
    • Load analysis of inhomogeneous wind loads
    • Modeling of local heat transfer


  • Magnetic field simulation
    • Influence of interconnection errors on the magnetic field at MFI
    • Inductive soldering process