Mission and Range of Services

Building Fraunhofer CSP
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Building of Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovolatics CSP in Halle (Saale).

Increasing energy prices and the scarcity of fossil resources are factors for the development and exploitation of renewable power sources. A great challenge or the branch of photovoltaics–one we gladly accept! The Fraunhofer CSP contributes to alternative energy being offered at the same price as conventional electricity.

We conduct applied research into silicon crystallization, wafer production, solar cell and module characterization, module technology, components and system reliability, developing in the process new technologies, product and test concepts along the entire photovoltaic value chain.


The Center’s work is focused on the assessment of the reliability of solar cells and modules under laboratory and operating conditions as well as electrical, optical, mechanical and microstructural material and component characterization. Focusing its activities in this way enables the Center to develop measurement methods, devices and production processes for components and materials based on an understanding of failure mechanisms and offers increased levels of reliability.


The portfolio of research activities in the field of photovoltaics is complemented by research into renewable hydrogen production and the storage and utilization of this gas, in particular the development, characterization and testing of new materials for fuel cells and electrolyzers, as well as the simulations and economic feasibility studies of decentralized photovoltaic electrolysis systems.

To achieve this, we in Halle (Saale) combine the knowhow of two institutes: the Fraunhofer Institute for Microstructure and Systems (IMWS) brings in its expertise in the field of optimization and assessment of silicon process technologies and module integration. The Fraunhofer ISE, the largest solar research institute in Europe, provides its competences in material manufacturing, development and characterization of solar cells and modules.

The Fraunhofer CSP advises and provides its scientific know-how and high-tech equipment for services. Contact us!

The Fraunhofer CSP is a joint institution of the Fraunhofer IMWS

and the Fraunhofer ISE.

Our Range of Services at a Glance


  • Fabrication of mono-ingots (p- and n-type) up to 8“ using Czochralski Technology
  • Fabrication of mono-ingots up to 4“ using Float Zone Technology
  • Fabrication of multi-ingots (p- and n-type) of G5 using Vertical Gradient Freeze Technology
  • Pilot scale production line for mono and multi crystalline Si-Wafers down to 120 μm
  • Production of special glasses for up- and downconversion
  • Pilot scale production line for solar modules
  • Technology line for production of polymer based frames for solar modules


Evaluation, Diagnostics, Characterization

  • Defect localization on solar cells and modules by means of optical, spectroscopic, thermal and electrical methods
  • Assessment of microstructure of defects and materials by means of electron microscopy as well as chemical and electrical methods
  • Trace analysis of silicon materials, process materials and excipients
  • Stochastical evaluation of strength of silicon wafers, assessment of load in production processes and prognosis of probability of failure and mechanical yield
  • Assessment of process and reliability properties of polymers
  • Characterization and testing of solar modules according to IEC standards and accelerated testing conditions
  • Life time assessment of solar modules by material science based modelling and finite elements analysis (FEM)