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IGBT-Modul eines Umrichters einer Windenergieanlage

ResRearch Project to Increase Converter Reliability Launched

Mid-April saw the virtual kick-off of the »power4re« research project. Five Fraunhofer institutes are working together alongside industry representatives to develop solutions aimed at improving the reliability and robustness of inverters in photovoltaic systems and frequency converters in wind turbines.

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Desert Module: Higher Yields through Optimized Design

How can module components and module design be adapted to the stress factors that are particularly prevalent in desert environments, thereby increasing the yield and lifetime of the modules? Fraunhofer researcher Hamed Hanifi has investigated this question. His results have now been published in an article in Applied Energy.

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Verstaubungstest im Soiling-Teststand
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Die Performance von Anti-Soiling-Beschichtungen lassen sich in der Verstaubungskammer des Fraunhofer CSP entsprechend der VDI-Richtlinie 3956 standardisiert testen.

VDI guideline for soiling test sets new quality standard

Fraunhofer CSP offers standardized performance tests for anti-soiling coatings.

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Soiling Rotational Force Test Method
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Investigator at Fraunhofer CSP develop and validate a rotational force test method that uses centrifugal force to sweep dust from important surfaces, such as the front glass on photovoltaic systems.

Quality assessment for dust-repellent surfaces of PV modules

A research team led by Klemens Ilse from Fraunhofer CSP has investigated how a technique known as rotational force testing method can be used to determine particle adhesion to surfaces.

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Quality Assurance for Photovoltaics



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