Fraunhofer CSP celebrates anniversary

The Fraunhofer CSP celebrated its 10th anniversary with a conference and about 120 guests. The highlight of the celebrations was the groundbreaking ceremony for a new pv system.

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Klemens Ilse from Fraunhofer CSP receives Award

In desert regions photovoltaic modules are exposed to higher levels of pollution. Together with partners Klemens Ilse from Fraunhofer CSP developed a process that allows simulating the soiling of solar modules in the laboratory.

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Test Method for Photovoltaic Wafers

What would be the ideal process for the strength testing of photovoltaic wafers? Fraunhofer CSP has defined a standard procedure.

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Unique Data Collection on Solar Systems

In order to increase the quality and yield Fraunhofer CSP evaluates the data from 600 tests of solar plants together with partners.

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How House Walls Can Be Used as Solar Power Plants

At the Fraunhofer CSP, researchers want to integrate photovoltaics into a carbon concrete composites.

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Our Areas of Research


PV Recycling


Crystallization Technologies


Silicon Wafers


Module Technology


Reliability of Solar Modules and Systems


Diagnostics of Solar Cells

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Klemens Ilse from Fraunhofer CSP awarded

A test bench developed at  Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics CSP allows to simulate the contamination of solar modules in desert regions. Klemens Ilse receives the Best Student Paper Award for this achievement.


Fraunhofer CSP develops DIN SPEC

For the strength testing of photovoltaic wafers, the Fraunhofer CSP developed a DIN SPEC together with HTWK Leipzig and other partners. The standardized process facilitates quality control in the solar industry.


Rico Meier Awarded Materials Prize

Rico Meier has been honored with the 2017 Material Prize 2017 of Schott AG for the ultrasonic evaluation of mechanical properties of copper strips for photovoltaic modules in critical areas of the production chain.


What is the Quality of Solar Systems?

What is the state of the approximately 1.5 million solar installations installed in Germany? The Fraunhofer CSP, together with energy supplier E.ON and ZAE Bayern, will first determine this in a scientific study. The results will help to further improve the reliability and efficiency of photovoltaic plants.