Klemens Ilse
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Dr. Ilse Klemens

Klemens Ilse honored with Schott AG Materials Award#

The contamination of solar modules by dust and sand causes significant yield losses in the increasing use of photovoltaic systems in desert regions. In his doctoral thesis, Dr. Klemens Ilse from Fraunhofer Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems IMWS researched the causes, analyzed the magnitudes and developed solution strategies. For this he was awarded the Schott AG Materials Prize.

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Die 13 Teststände, die bisher in PV Camper verknüpft sind, decken die wichtigsten Klimazonen der Welt ab.

International PV Data Platform#

More data, more collaboration, more opportunities for photovoltaics: A new platform for investigating the performance and reliability of solar systems in different environments and climate zones worldwide will provide an important basis for an even broader and more efficient use of solar energy. The Fraunhofer CSP is among the founding members of the recently launched PV CAMPER platform.

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IGBT-Modul eines Umrichters einer Windenergieanlage

ResRearch Project to Increase Converter Reliability Launched #

Mid-April saw the virtual kick-off of the »power4re« research project. Five Fraunhofer institutes are working together alongside industry representatives to develop solutions aimed at improving the reliability and robustness of inverters in photovoltaic systems and frequency converters in wind turbines.

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Desert Module: Higher Yields through Optimized Design#

How can module components and module design be adapted to the stress factors that are particularly prevalent in desert environments, thereby increasing the yield and lifetime of the modules? Fraunhofer researcher Hamed Hanifi has investigated this question. His results have now been published in an article in Applied Energy.

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Verstaubungstest im Soiling-Teststand
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Die Performance von Anti-Soiling-Beschichtungen lassen sich in der Verstaubungskammer des Fraunhofer CSP entsprechend der VDI-Richtlinie 3956 standardisiert testen.

VDI guideline for soiling test sets new quality standard#

Fraunhofer CSP offers standardized performance tests for anti-soiling coatings.

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Quality Assurance for Photovoltaics#


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International PV Data Platform


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Desert Module: Higher Yield through Optimized Design


Fraunhofer CSP offers Standardized Soiling Tests According to New VDI Guideline