Scientific Highlights Diagnostics and Metrology Solar Cells


New Semiconductors for Thin-film Solar Modules

Thin-film solar modules based on cadmium telluride (CdTe) offer great potential in terms of efficiency and manufacturing costs. In co-operation with Calyxo GmbH, Fraunhofer CSP is working on the implementation on an industrial scale.


Microstructural Analysis of the Cementation Process During Soiling on Glass Surfaces in Arid and Semi-arid Climates


Root Causes of Defects on PERC Solar Cells


New Insights into
Ultrathin Oxide Layers


Rapid PV-Module
Component Testing and Quantification of
Performance Gains


Precise LID Test for PERC Cells

PERC cells may lose performance due to LID. The LID Scope test device, developed by Fraunhofer CSP, determines the extent to which they are affected.


Advantages for Quality Control

Raman spectroscopy is intended to enable the analysis of impurities of silicon wafers in a non-destructive and non-contact manner.