Frank Zobel


Dr. Frank Zobel | Acting Director Fraunhofer CSP-ISE

Main Research  


  • Czochralski crystallizations of silicon
  • Float zone crystallization of silicon for photovoltaic or semiconductor applications
  • Mechanical processing of brittle-hard materials
  • Recycling in photovoltaics

Academic Résumé


  • since 09/2023

    Group Leader Fraunhofer CSP-ISE
    Crystallization, wafering and recycling 


  • 05/2018 - 08/2023

    Project manager/postdoc at Fraunhofer CSP 
    Silicon crystallization (Czochralski, float zone, vertical gradient freeze)


  • 05/2012 - 04/2018

    Research assistant/PhD student at Fraunhofer CSP                                 
    Float zone crystallization of silicon for PV applications)


  • 08/2010 - 04/2012

    Engineer at PV Crystalox Solar Silicon GmbH, Bitterfeld                         
    Plant engineer for research and development of thin-rod drawing plants silicon for PV applications)





  • 06/2018

    PhD at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg: »Development of     the float zone process for the production of silicon single crystals for     solar applications«


  • 10/2004 - 06/2010

    Studies of Engineering at the HTWK Leipzig: Master thesis at the MaTIL - Mechanical Engineering Technical Institute Leipzig: »Development of a foil actuator according to the traveling wedge principle«;  
    Bachelor's thesis at the Biofeedback Motor Company: "Development of a therapy device for use in medical training therapy" octoral thesis at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg



Prizes and Awards


  • 2011

    HTWK Mechatronics Prize from the Karl Kolle Foundation




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