Vacuum Lamination

3D vacuum laminator
© Fraunhofer CSP
Matthias Schak and Michael Wendt while equipping the 3D vacuum laminator.

Fraunhofer CSP offers evaluation of manufacturing processes and material processability in module production and has 3 vacuum laminators:

1) Vacuum laminator ICOLAM 10/08 for encapsulation of flat objects like solar cells, safety laminated glasses up to 70x90 cm.

2) 3D laminator from SM Innotech can produce laminates up to 120x220 cm by heating the top and/or bottom heating plate. The special feature: The laminator also allows a construction height of 30 cm in the 3rd dimension. Thus complex spatial structures can be produced by lamination.

3) Large module laminator allows production of standard modules (60/72 cell).