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Your Career Opportunities at Fraunhofer IMWS/CSP


Interested students can get a taste of everyday scientific work life at the Fraunhofer CSP during internships for career orientation.  

Every year we offer apprenticeships in the commercial, technical and scientific fields to motivated school leavers.

Dual Studies
In cooperation with the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences we offer dual students in the field of computer science at the Fraunhofer CSP an optimal environment in which they can complete the practical part of their studies.

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Student Theses
Whether bachelor, master or diploma thesis - at the Fraunhofer CSP students of business & media, engineering & natural sciences as well as computer science will find interesting topics for their thesis.

Student Jobs & Internships
Still looking for a suitable part-time job or internship? We offer students from various disciplines the opportunity to gain their first practical experience in a pleasant working atmosphere and to work on exciting projects.

Graduates and Professionals

"Fraunhofer Attract"
The program offers the opportunity to advance ideas towards application with an own research group close to the market and in cooperation with industry.

Doctoral students have the opportunity to conduct their dissertation in a research environment and to apply the acquired knowledge practically in projects.

You have completed your studies or training and would like to start your career? At the Fraunhofer CSP we are looking for employees in science, technology and administration.

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Alumni Program

Former staff members have the opportunity to stay connected with the institute via the alumni program.