Thermal Analysis

DSC: Heat Flow Differential Calorimetry

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Differential scanning calorimetry allows a thermal analysis of heat transfer processes in materials.
  • melting and crystallization behavior:
    • degree and kinetics of crystallization
  • glass transition temperature Tg
  • specific heat capacity Cp
  • reaction enthalpies:
    • degree of crosslinking and kinetics
  • thermo-oxidative Degradation (in O2 or N2 atmosphere, T: -150°C - 700°C, optional UV source, autosampler)
    • thermal stability

Further information

TGA: Thermogravimetry

Thermogravimetric analysis
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Thermogravimetric analysis: determination of mass or mass change of a sample of PV encapsulation materials as a function of time and temperature.
  • Measurement from 20°C to 1000°C in O2 or N2 atmosphere feasible
  • Tracking of degradation behavior
  • Determination of vinyl acetate content in ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers
  • Determination of the content of fillers and volatiles
  • Optional coupling with FT-IR for gas composition analysis possible