Py-GC-MS: Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
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Py-GC-MS enables direct analyses of polymer materials without extensive sample preparation, including determination of polymer composition and detection of organic impurities.

Suitable for all polymer materials:

  • direct analysis of polymer materials without complex sample preparation
  • determination of polymer composition
  • detection of additives and/or organic impurities
  • analysis of microplastics
  • identification of even unknown organic materials/compositions
  • qualitative and quantitative analyses
  • smallest sample quantities <100 mg
  • fast and automated sample analysis by autosampler

TD-GC-MS: Thermodesorption-Gaschromatographie-Massenspektrometrie

Thermodesorption gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
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The TD-GC-MS is specifically used for quality control of polymer materials in the photovoltaic sector, in particular for additive analysis of the starting materials (granules, pellets, films, masterbatches).
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The TD-GC-MS is loaded with polymer samples.

Especially for polymer materials in the photovoltaic sector or other films (packaging materials, etc.):

  • additive analysis for quality control of starting materials (granules, pellets, films, masterbatches)
  • tracking of additive degradation after or during (artificial) aging processes
  • identification of residual crosslinking accelerators and/or unused adhesion promoters after lamination