Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

  • Laser-induced plasma spectroscopy can be used to examine samples (including those of non-uniform shape) up to a size of 30 cm x 40 cm. 2D mappings over the entire surface can be created, and element contents in materials can be quantitatively determined using appropriate calibration standards.
  • The tool is inline capable, so that analyses directly on a conveyor belt are also possible.
  • We offer standardized order analyses as well as complex root cause analyses, from single orders to extensive research and development projects.

2D Mapping

2D mapping LIBS analysis
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LIBS analysis as a 2D mapping is used to visualize the lateral element distribution.
  • Display of element distributions over large sample areas (up to 30x40 cm)
  • From smooth samples to uneven surfaces
  • Measuring spot 100 µm

Quantitative Analyses

Customized LIBS analytics
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Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) enables in-line analysis of element contents.
  • Quantitative analyses from the % range to the ppm range
  • Reference materials required for calibration of the analysis
  • After extensive method development, sample analysis is possible in seconds

PV Recycling

PV recycling
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Inline-capable LIBS analysis is used to determine the composition of recycled materials.
  • Identification of fluorine-containing backsheets for process optimization
  • Determination of precious metal contents in primary recyclate
  • Composition of solder pastes and contact fingers