Wafer Line
on an Industrial Scale

From the separation of ingots to wafer characterization, we offer solutions along the entire value chain.

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Test Method
for Photovoltaic Wafers

What would be the ideal process for the strength testing of photovoltaic wafers? Fraunhofer CSP has defined a standard procedure.

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Materials and Processes

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Rolf Tornow supervises the characterization of the sawing process.

Industry-oriented innovative wafer manufacturing technology with modern mechanical and chemical analytics and simulation.

We offer:

  • Optimization of the separation and cleaning processes for multicrystalline and monocrystalline wafers derived from modern multi-wire sawing technologies
  • Analysis of the strength and breakage of wafers and solar cells to optimize processing and handling steps
  • Process development for maskless plasma texture without ion bombardment and passivation
  • Highly sensitive quantitative determination of organic and metallic contaminations

Range of Services


Sensitive Trace Analysis


Wafer Manufacturing with Modern Multi Wire Saws


Assessment of
Mechanics of Wafers and Solar Cells


and Passivation