GISMO – Building Integrated Solar Module

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Roof-integrated solar module system GiSMo.

GISMO is a special solution photovoltaic module for the integration in pitched roofs. Based on a carrier structure made of fibre reinforced polymer, the module features installation and mounting elements while also ensuring the sealing of the roof. The GISMO can be directly hooked into the roof battens. Classical roof tiles are only needed for the edge area of the roof.

Changing the cost structure of module installations through the combination of functions, improving solar aesthethics with the seamless mounted modules and making installation as easy as tiling a roof, our special module solution GISMO brings innovative technology concepts into residential photovoltaic installations. The realization of such innovative module solutions is one of the aims of Fraunhofer CSP's module technology group.

GISMO was developed in the framework of the »Fraunhofer Innovation Cluster Solar Polymers« which aims to combine our long-time know how in polymer processing and the top of the line solar module manufacturing equipment to develop new solutions for photovoltaic applications.