Material Processing and Manufacturing

We offer a finishing and manufacturing of brittle-hard materials for customers from various industries. The core areas of our R&D services are silicon crystal processing and the plasma treatment of wafers. In the field of silicon crystal processing, we offer all processing steps from mono or multicrystal to cleaned and inspected wafers. The manufacturing processes are not limited to silicon. Sawing of silicon carbide or sapphire is also possible.

Plasma treatment includes the deposition of functional layers such as SiN or Al2O3 for surface passivation. In addition, plasma processes for surface modification of substrates are investigated and optimized. This includes nanostructuring of substrates.

Companies with a focus on wafer production or material processing as well as plasma treatment of various materials are to be addressed by our range of services.

We offer:   

  • Processing of hard-brittle materials
  • Wafering (diamond wire and slurry process) of silicon, silicon carbide and sapphire
  • Plasma assisted vapor deposition of functional layers
  • Surface modification by plasma etching processes
  • Characterization of functional layers
  • Finite difference method in time and frequency domain