Key Topic Metrology



  • Failure and defect analysis using diagnostic methods
  • Innovative PV metrology
    • Development of new test methods and devices
    • Prototype construction and technical support
  • Planning and implementation of development projects up to and including marketing
  • Licensing of own developments
  • Technical support for calibration and standardization projects
  • Line integration and mobile outdoor use




  • LID Scope: LID test system for automated and repeatable measurement
    of PERC cell degradation
  • PIDcon: benchtop PID tester for solar cells and encapsulation materials (more Info)
  • PIDcheck: outdoor PID testing of modules in PV systems (more Info)
  • SINUS 220: LED sun simulator for solar cells
  • AntiSoiling test devices: advanced indoor soiling tests under realistic test conditions (more Info)
  • μ-LBIC: fast high-resolution measurement of surface topography and local current


Fraunhofer CSP
Develops LID Test for PERC Cells


Fraunhofer CSP Relies on a New Generation of LED Sun Simulators


Fraunhofer CSP and LED‘s Cooperate: WAVELABS Develops LED-based Solar Module Tester


Fraunhofer CSP and Freiberg Instruments Are Conjointly Developing a Test Procedure for PID


Fraunhofer CSP Honored at the IQ Innovation Prize


Mobile PID Check for Solar Modules: Fraunhofer CSP Receives Award in Singapore