Outdoor Efficiency Measurements and Test Fields

Test field for solar cell modules
© Fraunhofer CSP
Test field for solar cell modules on the roof of the Fraunhofer CSP.

To be able to measure PV modules under real climate conditions for our customers, we at the Fraunhofer CSP employ various analytical systems which enable the characterization of up to 36 individual modules under various installation conditions. Current/voltage characteristics, power and module temperature and weather data are captured synchronously. The collected data can be classified on the basis of a number of quality criteria so that a reliable dataset needed for the purpose of a scientific yield evaluation will be guaranteed.


  • Single module tests acc. to IEC 61215 & 61853 under lab and open field conditions (Outdoor PV Lab in Halle)
  • Examination of the yield behavior of various PV module technologies
  • Angle-dependent yield tests of PV modules
  • Support in the data analysis of PV systems or single modules depending on weather conditions
  • Search and investigation of the cause in case of performance losses in PV plants or module defects
  • Outdoor test field and laboratory development as well as vocational training in international cooperations


Förderplakat VR4PV
EFRE funding logo Saxony-Anhalt
EFRE funding logo Saxony-Anhalt

Project Outline

  • Creation of a virtual environment and a digital image of PV systems for future analysis, inspection and maintenance (VR4PV)
  • Joint project of Fraunhofer CSP (Halle), Fraunhofer IFF (Magdeburg), DENKweit GmbH (Halle), Dexor Technology GmbH (Köthen)


January 04, 2022 - December 31, 2022

Project Goals

  • Application of suitable imaging methods for the acquisition of the PV system as a whole as well as on component level in combination with the necessary geolocation
  • Development and application of data routines for automated "recognition" and "assignment" of system-relevant variables and correlations using Deep Learning
  • Development of a data management concept for structuring a database of the acquired and modeled data (health record)

Head of Project

Dr. Matthias Ebert – matthias.ebert@csp.fraunhofer.de 

Green Energy Park Morocco
© Fraunhofer CSP
»Green Energy Park« in Ben Guerir, launched in 2015, is the largest photovoltaic test platform in Africa.

The Fraunhofer CSP has already cooperated with the Moroccan Institut de Recherche en Energie Solaire et Energies Nouvelles IRESEN since 2012. Working together in a close cooperation they developed test platforms for photovoltaic modules and systems which were finally put into operation in the »Green Energy Park« (GEP) in the Moroccan town of Ben Guerir in 2015. The GEP erected by IRESEN and OCP S.A. is the largest test platform for photovoltaics and solar thermal power plant technology of its kind in Africa. At the test park, performance characteristics of solar modules and systems can be determined in real-time along with local influences such as insolation, wind, pollution, precipitation and temperature. Moroccan and international enterprises and research facilities already use these test stands for the assessment of their modules. In 2016, the partners sealed the continuation of their cooperation with a new project designed to assess solar modules under the climate conditions of Morocco.