Equipment and Methods

Manufacturing of Standard and Sondermodules

  • Module production line (Module size 0.7 x 1.2 m up to 2.2 x 2.6 m)
  • Fully automatic industrial tabber stringer for whole and half cells with 3, 4 or 5 bus bars
  • Glass washing machine
  • Variable cell string layup
  • Lab and large scale module laminator
  • RTP oven
  • Screen printer
  • cross section preparation station
  • Precision testing machines for cell interconnection and module packaging characterization
3D vacuum laminator
© Fraunhofer CSP
Matthias Schak and Michael Wendt while equipping the 3D vacuum laminator.

Interconnection Technologies

  • Cross section preparation tools for specimen make for microstructure analyses
  • Cross section analysis by light microscopy, SEM, etc. incl. material compound analysis and formation (DIC; POL, EDX, etc.)
  • Characterization of time and temperature dependant material behavior of interconnection materials (TMA, DMA, DSC, TGA)
  • Contact angle measurement equipment for static / dynamic measurements of contact angles and surface tension
  • Wetting balance tester for logging wetting force time progression
  • Pull-/shear tester for evaluation of the mechanical strength of PV contact structures
  • Ultrasonic microscopy and X-ray scanner for non-destructive analysis of interconnection interfaces and contact formation
  • Assembly and soldering stations for test applications and specimen production on cell and module level
  • Laser profilometer and confocal white light microscope for surface structure analyses of cell metallizations, etc.
Wetting force tester
© Fraunhofer CSP
Wetting force tester for analyzing the wetting behavior of solar cell samples.