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Quick Testing for Solar Modules

Higher yields of photovoltaic modules and new possible uses for solar energy in special climates through the development of new test methods – with these objectives, TÜV Rheinland, the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hameln and the Fraunhofer CSP have joined together in the Fidelitas project.

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Reliable Modules for Harsh Climates

In desert regions, solar modules are exposed to extreme climatic conditions. Sandstorms lead to abrasion on all surfaces. The increased UV radiation near the equator provokes the embrittlement of polymers and can cause failures. At Fraunhofer CSP, we are looking for the formula for the desert module.

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Photovoltaics Extreme

In the »PV Extreme« research project the Fraunhofer IMWS, together with its partners, is developing and optimizing suitable materials for photovoltaics under extreme weather conditions.

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Outdoor PV Lab Halle

The test field on the roof of our institute building offers our customers 36 measuring stations for free-field measurements as well as material weathering for photovoltaic components.

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Module and System Reliability

Outdoor PV Lab
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David Daßler and Jens Fröbel are maintaining the solar cell modules tested in the Outdoor PV Lab.

Reliability, service life and the best possible performance despite declining costs: these are the most important parameters for any manufacturer of modules. These are exactly the challenges the group »Reliability of Solar Modules and Systems« faces as they focus on the characterization of modules, components and materials.

Through a combination of methods applied in material science, testing and model building, our partners and customers get a comprehensive and well-founded characterization of modules from one source. The focus is set on material-scientific analysis, mechanical testing and characterization experiments with the module, performance measurements in the laboratory and in the field as well as mechanical and thermomechanical finite element simulations. The objective we pursue is to examine solar modules with regard to various reliability aspects, optimize them and further develop derivable technological processes and materials.

Our projects are concerned with the integration of new crystalline cell concepts, the mechanical reliability of thin-film modules of all methods, the establishment of pilot plants for the regional development of PV and the adjustment of modules to the requirements of extreme climates.

We offer:

  • Module tests in conformity with IEC standards
  • Thermomechanical finite element simulations
  • Performance and yield measurement of solar modules

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Material Characterization


Finite Element Simulation


Weathering Tests and Accelerated Life Time Cycling


Outdoor Efficiency Measurements and Test Fields


Failure Analysis of PV Modules