The Next Level for Thin-film Solar Modules

Exhausting the potential of solar modules based on cadmium telluride (CdTe) and making it usable for production on an industrial scale is the objective of a joint project of the Fraunhofer CSP and Calyxo GmbH.

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Quality Control with Raman Spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy allows to detect and analyze impurities in the material of solar cells during production. Together with partners, the Fraunhofer CSP wants to further develop this idea.

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Precise LID Testing for PERC Cells

PERC cells can lose performance due to LID. The test device LID Scope, developed by the Fraunhofer CSP, determines how strongly they are affected.

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Diagnostics and Metrology

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Dr. Christian Hagendorf using PIDcon test device.

Performance, reliability and cost efficiency are the decisive characteristics of a perfect solar cell. The »Diagnostics of Solar Cell« group is working on these issues, supported by industrial sponsors and partners in research and development. The teams »Electric Characterization«, »c-Si Defect Diagnostics« and »Thin-film Characterization« set the standards for quality assurance and failure analysis in photovoltaics. To this end, a broad spectrum of material-scientific methods are available – ranging from trace element analytics over quantum efficiency all the way to atomic microstructure diagnostics.

Research activities span from the characterization of the crystalline solar silicon to the microstructure-based failure diagnostics for the thin-film photovoltaic industry. In addition, new layer systems and laser structuring methods are being developed for the next generation of solar cells.


We offer:

  • Rapid testing tools for module defects such as PID
  • Electric characterization of solar cell, wafers and blocks
  • Microstructure diagnostics on crystalline solar cells and thin-film modules

Range of Services


c-Si Defect Diagnostics from Modules down to Atom


Thin Film-PV: Micro Analytics and Laser Processing


Surface and Film Characterization


Electrical Characterization