Equipment and Methods

  • Czochralski EKZ-270: mono-ingots of ≤9“ (length: 70 cm), p-type / n-type crystals, residual gas analyzer, feeder for Re-charging (optional)
  • 2x Czochralski EKZ-3500: mono-ingots ≤9“ (length: 200 cm), active crystal cooling,
  • Slim rod puller (DZA 3000): slim rod length: 240 cm
  • FZ-14: mono-ingots of 4“ (length: 130 cm)
  • FZ-35: mono-ingots of 8“, p-type, n-type
  • VGF-732: G4 hot-zone (250 kg), residual gas analyzer (MKS), in-situ measurement of crystallization rates
  • Vacuum induction melting furnace (Steremat)
  • String-Ribbon® Furnace »Quad«
  • Mechanical processing of feedstock: Ingot-Shaper IS-160 MK-II
  • High resolution optics for interface observation
  • GDMS (ThermoScientific): analysis of residual impurities in the ppb range, pulsed source for improved spatial resolution
  • LPS/PL: lateral photovoltage scanning with integrated photoluminescence
Czochralski EKZ-3500
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In our Laboratory for Crystallization Technologies we dispose two Czochralski EKZ-3500s for the breeding of monocrystals up to 12".