Key Topics

PV Metrology

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Dr. Christian Hagendorf using the PIDcon test equipment.
  • Innovative PV measuring techniques
  • New testing methods and devices
  • Standards and calibration
  • In-line solutions

Module Defects

fatigue behavior solar cell connectors
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On the basis of specific experiments, the fatigue behavior of solar cell connectors can be simulated under varying mechanical and thermomechanical loads.
  • Analysis of field disturbances
  • Root cause analysis of defects
  • Development of testing methods
  • Long-term outdoor degradation tests


3D vacuum laminator
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The 3D vacuum laminator allows to process solar modules with curved shapes.
  • Development of application-specific solar modules
         e.g. for
    • Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)
    • Integrated photovoltaic (VIPV)
    • Extreme climates
  • Material selection and process development
  • Optical, electrical and thermal design of solar modules

Solar Modules for Harsh Climates

Dust-covered modules in the desert of Qatar
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Dust covered modules in the desert of Qatar.
  • Prototypical development
  • Development of testing methods and equipment
  • Site-specific reliability assessment